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Everyone deserves to have their nails done, and we are here to provide the best manicure and pedicure service for you. Our service covers the whole nail care routine. This includes manicure, pedicure, gel manicure, cuticle care, acrylic nails, gel nails, gel polish, brows and makeup, massage, and waxing.

Manicure Pedicure Salon

Our Nail technicians will be always happy to provide manicures & pedicures, will help you to choose a base coat, and even more make unique design special for you. Why not give our services a try? You will never look for the same way again. Our friendly and professional staff will be always happy to provide you any help you need.


Classic Manicure £45

Includes cuticle and hard skin care, shaping of nails, 1-colour regular polish application.
Extensive range of nail polish.

Sterile or disposable tools.

Gel Polish manicure £55

dry cuticle care;
nail filing & shaping;
gel polish colour application;
cream & oil finish.

Sterile or disposable tools

This type of manicure is a happy medium between express gel polish & nail extentions, has perfect architecture & surface, thus wears beautifully without chipping or breaking up to 3-4ws.

Clear or milk camouflage finish available.

Express Manicure £40

45 min
Includes gentle cuticle removal, filing, shaping & buffing of nails, cream & oil.

Sterile / disposable tools.

No polish application included in this option.
For manicure with polish either book Classic manicure

Hard Gel Enhancements £65

dry cuticle care;
hard gel overlay on natural nails or sculpting on forms (core colours / camouflage, salon lengths and shapes)
cream & oil finish.

Sterile or disposable tools

This is perfect for elongating and enforcing short, weak or bitten nails, nails with irregular shaping & surface, wears beautifully without chipping or breaking up to 3-4 weeks.
Can be rebalanced or infilled up to 3 times (depending on nail condition and length).



Stamping £2 a nail

Stickers £2 a nail

Chrome effect £2 a nail

French manicure £10

Gel Polish removing all nail, if done not in our salons (if not done at our salon) from £15

Final price depends of actual time spend on removal.


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