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Semi Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

The Semi Permanent Powder Effect eyebrow makeup treatment offers a semi-permanent solution for fuller, beautifully shaped eyebrows. Mimicking the appearance of conventional powder makeup, this technique uses fine dots of pigment to create a soft, shaded look, enhancing natural features with a gradient effect. Ideal for those desiring hassle-free, perfectly groomed brows without daily makeup application, it promises lasting results, ensuring your brows look impeccably defined and voluminous, radiating a youthful and sophisticated charm.

Facetune 17 03 2024 20 31 48 | newinbeauty-studios | Kingston beauty Salon

FIRST SESSION       £180


REFRESH                 £150


Mobile service is offered at your convenience, ensuring comfort and tranquility in your own space for an additional £100

Facetune 17 03 2024 20 32 30 | newinbeauty-studios | Kingston beauty Salon