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Manicure & Pedicure in Kingston

Classic Manicure £40

Treat your hands to a rejuvenating experience with our Classic Manicure in Kingston. Crafted to epitomize timeless beauty and care, this manicure focuses on the essentials, ensuring your hands and nails not only look impeccable but also feel revitalized.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Seek a Refreshed Look: This treatment revitalizes your hands, taking care of dry cuticles and hard skin, presenting a fresh, well-groomed appearance.
  2. Desire a Polished Finish: Benefit from expert nail shaping followed by a flawless application of a regular polish in your chosen colour.
  3. Value Hygiene & Safety: Trust in our commitment to your health with our use of either sterile or disposable tools for each session.

Key Features of Our Classic Manicure:

  1. Comprehensive Care: From addressing cuticles and hard skin to perfecting nail shape, we ensure every aspect of your hand looks and feels its best.
  2. Expert Polish Application: Choose from a wide array of colours for a regular polish that complements your style and mood.
  3. Uncompromised Sanitation: Your safety is our priority. We strictly use sterile or disposable tools, ensuring a hygienic experience.

Situated in the heart of Kingston, our salon invites you to a world where beauty meets relaxation. With our Classic Manicure, immerse your hands in a luxury treatment that promises elegance and care in every stroke. Trust in our expertise, revel in our meticulous attention to detail, and step out flaunting hands that narrate tales of sophistication and grace. Choose classic, choose perfection, choose our Classic Manicure.

Gel Polish manicure £55

Indulge in a manicure experience that merges lasting beauty with ultimate care. Our Gel Polish Manicure in Kingston offers you the brilliance of gel polish combined with luxury nail care, ensuring your hands radiate elegance for weeks to come.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Crave Long-Lasting Shine: Enjoy the resilience and shine of gel polish, known for its durable finish that resists chips and maintains lustre.
  2. Seek Comprehensive Nail Care: Benefit from luxury treatments for dry cuticles and skin, ensuring hands that feel as fabulous as they look.
  3. Prioritize Hygiene & Precision: Appreciate the meticulous care offered using sterile or disposable tools, ensuring both safety and perfection.

Key Attributes of Our Gel Polish Manicure:

  1. Holistic Care: From addressing dry cuticles and skin to expert nail filing and shaping, we attend to every detail of your hand’s aesthetics and health.
  2. Vibrant Colour Choices: Dive into a palette of gel polish colours, each promising a vibrant, long-lasting finish that complements your style.
  3. Finish with a Flourish: Post colour application, your hands are pampered with a nourishing cream and oil finish, adding a touch of softness and shine.

Located in the vibrant heart of Kingston, our salon beckons you to a world where beauty, care, and luxury intertwine. With our Gel Polish Manicure, immerse yourself in a transformative journey that leaves your hands speaking of elegance, care, and panache. Trust in our precision, delight in our vast colour range, and let your hands be the canvas of our artistry. Choose radiance, choose longevity, choose our Gel Polish Manicure.

Express Manicure £35

For those on the go, our Express Manicure in Kingston provides a swift yet thorough nail transformation. Perfectly blending efficiency with beauty, this treatment ensures that even in a pinch, your hands exude grace and style.

Ideal for individuals who:

  1. Seek Quick Beauty Solutions: Perfect for a lunch break touch-up or a last-minute event preparation.
  2. Want Essential Nail Care: Receive all the foundational nail treatments, from gentle cuticle removal to polish application.
  3. Value Cleanliness & Safety: Rest assured with our commitment to using either sterile or disposable tools, guaranteeing a safe manicure experience.

Notable Features of Our Express Manicure:

  1. Efficient Cuticle Care: Using an orange stick, we ensure gentle and precise cuticle removal, promoting nail health.
  2. Nail Perfection: From filing and shaping to buffing, we swiftly transform your nails, preparing them for a flawless polish or shellac application.
  3. Nourishing Finish: Conclude with a cream and oil application, leaving your hands soft to the touch and nails gleaming.

Situated in Kingston, our salon offers a haven for those seeking beauty solutions tailored to their busy lives. With the Express Manicure, experience the harmony of speed and beauty. In a short span, watch as your hands transform, ready to grace any occasion with poise. Trust in our efficiency, rely on our expertise, and step out with hands that, though quickly done, lack nothing in elegance. Choose convenience, choose brilliance, choose our Express Manicure.

Nail Extensions £75

Elevate your nail game with our exquisite Nail Extensions service in Kingston. Expertly designed to blend the natural beauty of your nails with the added allure of length and strength, our extensions not only offer added inches but also radiate a natural, authentic appeal.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Desire a Lengthy Elegance: Elevate your nails with extensions that seamlessly mirror the appearance of your real nails.
  2. Seek Comprehensive Nail Pampering: From luxury dry cuticle care to a perfect polish finish, indulge in a full spectrum of nail beauty treatments.
  3. Prioritize Safety & Precision: With our commitment to using either sterile or disposable tools, you’re ensured a hygienic and precise manicure experience.

Distinguishing Features of Our Nail Extensions:

  1. Natural Appearance: Our hard gel extensions are expertly crafted to mimic the look of your natural nails, offering both length and authenticity.
  2. Holistic Nail Care: Experience a journey from meticulous cuticle care, precise filing and shaping, to a vibrant gel polish application.
  3. Nourishing Finale: Post-extension application, your hands are treated to a lavish cream and oil finish, ensuring softness and a subtle glow.

Nestled in the vibrant enclave of Kingston, our salon stands as a testament to luxury nail care. With our Nail Extensions service, immerse yourself in a transformative experience that endows your hands with both beauty and length. Trust in the precision of our experts, revel in the luxury of our treatments, and step out with nails that are a perfect blend of nature and artistry. Choose elegance, choose length, choose our Nail Extensions.

Extras (can add to any manicure)

Nail Art

Stamping £2.50 a nail

Dive into the realm of artistic expression with our Nail Art Stamping service in Kingston. A unique embellishment for your nails, stamping allows you to adorn your fingertips with intricate designs that resonate with your personality and style.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Crave Personalized Flair: Give each nail a signature look or unify them with a cohesive design, the choice is yours.
  2. Love Detailed Artistry: Enjoy the precision and intricacy that stamping brings to nail art.
  3. Seek Affordable Elegance: At just £2.50 a nail, transform your manicure into a piece of art without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Our Nail Art Stamping:

  1. Precision Design: Our experts use specialized tools to ensure each stamp is applied flawlessly, capturing every detail of the design.
  2. Vast Design Library: Choose from a myriad of designs, from intricate patterns to whimsical motifs, to match your mood and outfit.
  3. Quick yet Impactful: A swift addition to your manicure routine, stamping offers maximum impact with minimal time investment.

Located in Kingston, our salon is a hub for nail enthusiasts seeking a touch of artistry. With our Nail Art Stamping service, let your nails become a canvas for intricate designs and playful patterns. Trust in our precision, indulge in our vast design collection, and let your nails narrate tales of creativity and style. Choose art, choose expression, choose our Nail Art Stamping.

Stickers £2.50 a nail

Accentuate your nails with a dash of playful elegance using our Nail Art Stickers in Kingston. These stickers serve as the perfect accessory, instantly elevating the appeal of your manicure with delightful and intricate designs.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Desire Instant Glamour: Add a quick flourish to your nails, transforming them from simple to spectacular.
  2. Adore Versatile Artistry: Choose from a range of designs, ensuring each nail resonates with your unique style.
  3. Value Affordability and Impact: At just £2.50 a nail, indulge in a beauty accent that’s both budget-friendly and visually striking.

Exclusive Features of Our Nail Art Stickers:

  1. Flawless Application: Our nail experts ensure each sticker is applied seamlessly, aligning perfectly with the nail’s curvature.
  2. Diverse Design Selection: Dive into our extensive collection, ranging from elegant florals to quirky patterns, catering to every aesthetic whim.
  3. Durable Adherence: Enjoy the longevity of our stickers, designed to stay put and maintain their vibrancy.

Situated in the bustling heart of Kingston, our salon offers a sanctuary for nail aficionados. With our Nail Art Stickers service, embrace a world where your nails reflect your personality, adorned with designs that speak of creativity and flair. Trust in our meticulous application, delight in our diverse design palette, and let your nails shimmer with individuality and charm. Choose whimsy, choose elegance, choose our Nail Art Stickers.

Chrome effect £2.50 a nail

Elevate your nail game with our Chrome Effect service in Kingston. A mesmerizing blend of shine and shade, this treatment transforms your nails into reflective masterpieces, capturing light and attention with every movement.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Seek a Metallic Edge: Bring a futuristic and modern touch to your nails with a mirror-like chrome finish.
  2. Love a Dynamic Look: Revel in the way the chrome effect captures and plays with light, offering different hues and reflections.
  3. Appreciate Affordable Glamour: At just £2.50 a nail, experience a transformation that’s as cost-effective as it is captivating.

Unique Aspects of Our Chrome Effect:

  1. Precision Application: Our nail experts meticulously apply the chrome powder, ensuring a smooth and even finish that radiates shine.
  2. Vibrant Reflections: The chrome effect offers a dynamic play of light and shadow, bringing depth and dimension to your nails.
  3. Long-Lasting Lustre: Designed for durability, our chrome effect retains its shine and brilliance, making your nails a talking point for days.

Nestled in Kingston, our salon stands as a beacon for cutting-edge nail treatments. With our Chrome Effect service, step into a realm of luminous beauty, where your nails become the epitome of modern elegance. Rely on our skilled application, immerse yourself in the allure of chrome, and let your nails become a canvas for futuristic art. Choose brilliance, choose modernity, choose our Chrome Effect.

French manicure £10

Rediscover classic elegance with our French Manicure service in Kingston. A testament to understated beauty, the French Manicure is a timeless choice, characterized by its pristine white tips and natural nail base, exuding sophistication and charm.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Love Classic Beauty: Embrace a look that never goes out of style and complements every outfit and occasion.
  2. Seek a Polished Appearance: The French Manicure offers a neat and refined look, suitable for both everyday wear and special events.
  3. Value Affordability: At just £10, indulge in a manicure that’s as cost-effective as it is elegant.

Distinguishing Features of Our French Manicure:

  1. Expert Precision: Our nail technicians ensure the white tips are painted with utmost accuracy, achieving the signature look of the French Manicure.
  2. Natural Elegance: The natural nail base is enhanced to shine, complementing the white tips for a harmonious finish.
  3. Versatile Beauty: Suitable for all nail lengths and shapes, the French Manicure adapts to every hand, ensuring universal appeal.

Located in the heart of Kingston, our salon offers an oasis of beauty traditions. With our French Manicure service, immerse yourself in a ritual that has charmed generations, encapsulating grace and finesse. Trust in our skilled hands, relish the beauty of simplicity, and step out with nails that echo tales of timeless elegance. Choose classic, choose refinement, choose our French Manicure.

Gel Polish removing all nail, if done not in our salons (if not done at our salon) from £5

Entrust your nails to our experts with our Gel Polish Removal service in Kingston, especially designed for polishes applied outside our salon. We understand the diverse techniques and products used across salons, and we’re equipped to handle them all with precision and care.

Ideal for clients who:

  1. Seek Expert Removal: Gel polish, if not removed properly, can damage the nail. Our technicians ensure safe and thorough removal.
  2. Have External Manicures: Specifically tailored for gel polishes applied in other salons, ensuring a custom approach to removal.
  3. Value Fair Pricing: Starting at just £5, our pricing is transparent and reflects the actual time spent on the removal process.

Key Attributes of Our Gel Polish Removal:

  1. Gentle Technique: Our experts use methods that safeguard the health of your natural nail, ensuring no damage or excessive dryness.
  2. Adaptable Approach: Recognizing the myriad of products and application techniques, we adapt our removal method to suit the specific polish on your nails.
  3. Transparent Pricing: While our starting price is £5, the final cost is determined by the time and effort required for removal, ensuring you only pay for the service you receive.

Situated in Kingston, our salon is committed to offering services that prioritize the health and beauty of your nails. With our Gel Polish Removal, experience the peace of mind knowing your nails are in the hands of seasoned professionals. Whether you’re preparing for a fresh manicure or simply wishing to let your nails breathe, we’re here to assist. Choose safety, choose expertise, choose our Gel Polish Removal.


Deluxe Pedicure £50

Step into a world of foot luxury with our Deluxe Pedicure in Kingston. This comprehensive treatment is meticulously designed to pamper, beautify, and rejuvenate your feet, ensuring every step you take radiates confidence and elegance.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Desire Comprehensive Foot Care: From cuticle attention to a delightful polish finish, every aspect of foot beauty is addressed.
  2. Value Expert Techniques: Benefit from our advanced electric file treatment, ensuring smooth and soft feet.
  3. Seek a Complete Transformation: This isn’t just a pedicure; it’s a holistic foot rejuvenation experience.

Highlights of Our Deluxe Pedicure:

  1. Detailed Cuticle Care: We offer luxury dry cuticle treatment, ensuring your toenails are neat and well-groomed.
  2. Precision in Shaping: With expert nail filing and shaping, your toenails will reflect meticulous care and beauty.
  3. Advanced Foot Treatment: Using an electric file, we gently address rough patches, ensuring your feet are soft and smooth.
  4. Vibrant Polish: Choose from an array of regular polish colours for a finish that complements your style.
  5. Nourishing Finish: A lavish cream and oil application leaves your feet feeling soft, hydrated, and refreshed.

Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our salon promises an unparalleled pedicure experience. With our Deluxe Pedicure, embark on a journey where every detail of foot beauty and care is celebrated. Trust in our skilled technicians, indulge in the luxury treatments, and step out with feet that are ready to conquer the world. Choose indulgence, choose transformation, choose our Deluxe Pedicure.

Deluxe Gel Pedicure £60

Embrace the allure of long-lasting shine and care with our Deluxe Gel Pedicure in Kingston. Tailored for those who seek durability without compromising on luxury, this pedicure promises feet that are not just beautiful, but also feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Prioritize Durability: The gel polish ensures a shine that lasts, resisting chips and wear for an extended period.
  2. Want Comprehensive Foot Pampering: From luxury cuticle treatments to advanced foot care, experience all-encompassing attention.
  3. Seek a Polished Appearance: Enjoy meticulously shaped nails, complemented by a vibrant gel polish finish.

Signature Features of Our Deluxe Gel Pedicure:

  1. Expert Cuticle Attention: Indulge in luxury dry cuticle care, ensuring toenails that exude health and neatness.
  2. Precision Nail Care: Expert nail filing and shaping ensure that your toenails are the epitome of perfection.
  3. Advanced Foot Smoothing: Our electric file treatment gently addresses any rough areas, gifting you with silky, smooth feet.
  4. Lasting Gel Polish: Dive into a range of gel polish shades, known for their lasting shine and resilience.
  5. Nourishing Conclusion: A generous application of cream and oil ensures feet that feel soft, moisturized, and refreshed.

Located in the bustling heart of Kingston, our salon beckons you to an oasis of foot luxury. With our Deluxe Gel Pedicure, your feet undergo a transformation that marries beauty with longevity. Trust in our expert hands, revel in the extended brilliance of gel polish, and let every step you take be a testament to our meticulous care. Choose lasting beauty, choose indulgence, choose our Deluxe Gel Pedicure.

Only toe nails £40

Elevate your toe nails with our specialized service in Kingston, dedicated entirely to beautifying your toes. This treatment zeroes in on the essentials, ensuring that even the smallest details of your toe nails are attended to with precision and care.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Seek Toe Nail Perfection: Concentrate solely on your toe nails, ensuring they stand out with elegance and polish.
  2. Desire a Comprehensive Treatment: From meticulous cuticle care to a flawless polish application, experience a holistic toe nail transformation.
  3. Value a Nourishing Finish: Appreciate the finishing touch of a moisturizing cream and oil application for soft, pampered feet.

Key Features of Our Only Toe Nails Service:

  1. Detailed Cuticle Care: Immerse in luxury dry cuticle treatment, ensuring each toenail is groomed to perfection.
  2. Expert Nail Artistry: Through precise filing and shaping, your toe nails will achieve a refined, polished look.
  3. Vibrant Polish Selection: Opt from a plethora of regular polish colours to find the one that perfectly suits your style and mood.
  4. Hydrating Finale: Conclude with a lavish cream and oil application, ensuring feet that are not just beautiful, but also deeply moisturized.

Centrally located in Kingston, our salon offers a niche service dedicated entirely to toe nail beauty. With our Only Toe Nails treatment, indulge in a session where every detail, every stroke focuses on making your toe nails a vision of beauty. Trust in our precision, delight in our range of polishes, and step forward with toe nails that command attention. Choose focus, choose elegance, choose our Only Toe Nails service.

Only Gel toe nails £45

Illuminate your toes with our exclusive Only Gel Toe Nails service in Kingston. Meticulously designed to give your toe nails a gleaming finish that lasts, this treatment marries the beauty of gel polish with the attention to detail your toes deserve.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Crave Lasting Radiance: Enjoy the enduring shine and resilience that gel polish brings to your toe nails.
  2. Want Focused Toe Nail Care: Experience a treatment dedicated solely to beautifying and pampering your toe nails.
  3. Appreciate a Nurturing Finish: Relish the soothing touch of a hydrating cream and oil application post the polish.

Distinctive Qualities of Our Only Gel Toe Nails Service:

  1. Intensive Cuticle Attention: Dive into a luxury dry cuticle treatment, ensuring each toenail is pristine and well-groomed.
  2. Artistic Nail Precision: Benefit from expert nail filing and shaping, achieving a polished and refined look for each toe.
  3. Vivid Gel Polish Choices: Choose from a diverse palette of gel polish shades, each promising a vibrant, long-lasting hue.
  4. Moisturizing Conclusion: Post the polish application, delight in a nourishing cream and oil finish, bestowing softness and hydration.

Situated in the vibrant locale of Kingston, our salon is dedicated to elevating the beauty of your feet. With the Only Gel Toe Nails service, let your toes shine with a brilliance that stands the test of time. Trust in our expertise, bask in the allure of gel polish, and take pride in toe nails that are a blend of beauty and care. Choose brilliance, choose longevity, choose our Only Gel Toe Nails.

Express pedicure only toe nails £40

For those times when you need a quick toe nail touch-up and quick hard skin removal without compromising on quality, our Express Pedicure for Only Toe Nails in Kingston is the ideal solution. Efficiently curated to give your toes a refreshed look in a jiffy, this service ensures you step out with confidence.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Need a Quick Revamp: Perfect for sudden plans or a mid-week pamper session.
  2. Want Essential Toe Nail Care: Experience all the foundational treatments, from swift cuticle care to a flawless polish finish.
  3. Appreciate a Nourishing End: Enjoy the finishing touch of a moisturizing cream and oil application, ensuring soft, pampered toes.

Salient Features of Our Express Pedicure for Only Toe Nails:

  1. Efficient Cuticle Maintenance: Using an orange stick, we ensure gentle and precise cuticle care, creating a neat foundation for the polish.
  2. Artistic Nail Care: Our experts quickly transform your toe nails with precise filing and shaping, preparing them for a perfect polish application.
  3. Quick Polish Perfection: Dive into our range of regular polish colours and get a swift application that complements your style.
  4. Hydrating Finish: A quick cream and oil touch ensures your feet are left feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our salon offers a haven for those seeking beauty solutions that fit into their bustling schedules. With our Express Pedicure for Only Toe Nails, witness a rapid transformation that leaves your toes looking and feeling their best. Trust in our efficient techniques, revel in the immediate results, and step forward with toes that sparkle with beauty and care. Choose speed, choose elegance, choose our Express Pedicure for Only Toe Nails.

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