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Massage in Kingston

Awesome Massage £90 / £65

Unlock the secret to ageless, flawless skin with our exclusive Diamond Dermabrasion treatment. Designed for the discerning individual seeking optimal skin health and beauty, this service offers a revitalizing experience that brings out your inner glow.

Ideal for those looking to address:

  1. Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Experience a visible reduction in early signs of aging, revealing a smoother complexion.
  2. Sun Damage & Discoloration: Counteract the effects of prolonged sun exposure and even out skin tone.
  3. Clogged Pores & Acne Scarring: Refresh and unclog skin, reducing the appearance of scars and promoting a clearer complexion.

Benefits of Choosing Our Diamond Dermabrasion:

  1. Advanced Technology: Harnessing the precision of diamond-tipped wands, our treatment exfoliates without the need for crystals or chemicals.
  2. Tailored Treatments: Our skilled estheticians customize the procedure according to your skin type and concerns, ensuring optimal results.
  3. Safety First: We prioritize your well-being, using only sterilized equipment and ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Priced at a standard £90 and available at a promotional rate of £65, our Diamond Dermabrasion treatment is a worthwhile investment in your skin’s future. Dive into a transformative experience that not only rejuvenates your skin but also renews your confidence.

Trust in our expertise and step into a world where every reflection showcases skin that’s radiant, refreshed, and simply resplendent. With Diamond Dermabrasion, embrace the luminosity you were always meant to have.

ANTI-AGE skin peel £70 / £65

Rediscover the youthful radiance of your skin with our ANTI-AGE Skin Peel treatment. Specially formulated to combat the tell-tale signs of aging, this service aims to rejuvenate, refresh, and restore. Experience a transformation that not only touches your skin but also rekindles your confidence.

This treatment is expertly crafted for those desiring to:

  1. Diminish Fine Lines: Target and reduce the appearance of early signs of aging, gifting your skin a smoother finish.
  2. Revive Dull Skin: Reenergize tired and lackluster skin, revealing a brighter, more luminous complexion.
  3. Improve Skin Elasticity: Enhance your skin’s natural firmness and elasticity, restoring its youthful bounce.

Why Opt for Our ANTI-AGE Skin Peel?

  1. Proven Ingredients: Our peel combines potent ingredients known for their age-defying properties, ensuring effective results.
  2. Individualized Care: Recognizing the uniqueness of each skin type, our specialists customize the treatment to best suit your specific needs.
  3. Value for Money: With a nominal difference between the regular and promotional price, our ANTI-AGE Skin Peel offers both quality and affordability.

Priced at £70, and available at a special rate of £65 for a limited time, this treatment promises a beauty journey that reawakens your skin’s natural vitality.

Embrace a new chapter where age is but a number, and your skin tells a story of timeless beauty. With our ANTI-AGE Skin Peel, let every day be a testament to your skin’s renewed grace and vibrancy. Because you deserve to shine at every age.

Why are we The Best Massage Service in Kingston

Dive deep into a world where your skin’s health and life radiate from within. At Newin Beauty, we offer
unmatched facial treatments in Kingston, tailored to each unique skin type, ensuring a radiant appearance
and improved skin texture.

Facial Treatments for All Skin Concerns

Whether it’s acne, pigmentation, or signs of aging, our expert team addresses all skin concerns. From
chemical peels to LED light therapy, we combine advanced aesthetics with proven techniques to rejuvenate
your skin.

Massage & Exfoliation: Beyond Basic Facials

Experience the soothing touch of our Swedish massage techniques integrated with facial massages, promoting
not just skin health but also alleviating stress and tension. Coupled with exfoliation, our treatments
effectively remove dead skin cells, promoting collagen production and revealing a fresher, younger-looking

Laser Hair Removal & Aesthetic Treatments

Step into our clinic and go beyond traditional facials. Address unwanted hair with our efficient laser hair
removal, or explore aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers and treatments for acne scarring, ensuring you
leave with enhanced confidence and reduced skin concerns.

Complete Beauty Treatments at Newin

We are more than just a facial clinic. From brow tints, eyelash extensions to nail care, we offer a range of
beauty treatments. At Newin Beauty, every pore of your body gets the pampering it deserves.

Join Our Health Life Initiative

Beauty goes beyond skin deep. Our Health Life initiative at the Thames Skin Clinic focuses on the overall
well-being and balance of body and mind. Relieve neck tension with a scalp massage or indulge in a full
body treatment, making every visit a holistic experience.