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Massage in Kingston

Back, Neck & Shoulders massage

30 min £40
1h £55

The back, neck, and shoulders massage provides an excellent solution for alleviating muscle tension resulting from knots or posture-related issues in the upper body. By targeting these specific areas, this crucial massage helps to reduce tension, improve your flexibility, and ease long-standing pain. It is specifically designed to address discomfort stemming from the upper body’s posture and muscle knots, making it an indispensable treatment for enhancing your mobility and relieving chronic pain.


Back, Neck, Shoulders & had massage

30 min £40
1h £55

A massage targeting the back, neck, shoulders, and head is an excellent approach for addressing muscle tension resulting from knots or upper body posture concerns. It effectively releases tension, improves flexibility, and mitigates long-standing pain. By concentrating on these areas, the massage serves as an ideal treatment for tension caused by postural discrepancies or knots. This crucial therapy is designed to ease tension, broaden your range of movement, and offer lasting relief from continuous aches.

Full Body massage

1h £60
1.30h  £80

Deep tissue massage is about understanding the layers of the body and effectively addressing tension and habitual holding patterns. Rather than merely exerting strong pressure, it involves the strategic application of techniques when needed. This form of massage prioritizes long-term structural improvement and easing muscle limitations over instant gratification. It yields enduring advantages such as alleviating pain, enhancing posture, boosting flexibility, and facilitating more fluid motion, thus becoming a favored option for individuals aiming for these benefits.

Swedish massage

1h £55
1.30h  £70

Swedish massage, designed for relaxation and revitalization, utilizes various techniques such as elongated strokes, kneading, deep circular motions, vibrations, and tapping. This soft but impactful method aids in reducing muscle tension, boosting blood flow, and fostering general health. Perfect for massage novices or those looking to alleviate everyday stress, it provides a comprehensive approach to calmness, harmonizing both body and mind towards a peaceful and rejuvenated condition.

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