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Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments in Kingston

Classic 1 to 1 £60

Discover the allure of a captivating gaze with our Classic 1 to 1 Eyelash Extension set in Kingston. This treatment is meticulously crafted for those who seek a natural yet amplified look, adding length and charm to each individual lash.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Desire a Natural Enhancement: Attain longer lashes without compromising on the natural appeal. Perfect for daily wear or special occasions.
  2. Have Short Lashes: If you naturally have shorter lashes but good volume, this treatment will add the desired length, making your eyes pop.
  3. Prioritize Quality: Experience the luxury of globally recognized London LashPro products, ensuring longevity, comfort, and elegance.

Distinctive Features of Our Classic 1 to 1 Eyelash Extension:

  1. Precision Application: Each extension is applied individually to your natural lash, ensuring a flawless finish without clumping.
  2. Premium Products: We exclusively use London LashPro’s Chelsea silk, renowned for its quality, comfort, and lustrous finish.
  3. Expertise You Can Trust: Our trained lash technicians ensure a seamless experience, from consultation to the final flutter.

Located in the heart of Kingston, our salon promises an eyelash and eyebrow treatment experience that transforms and uplifts. With the Classic 1 to 1 Eyelash Extension, your eyes become the centerpiece of your beauty, expressing elegance, depth, and allure. Trust in our expertise, relish in the luxury of London LashPro, and let your eyes narrate tales of enchantment.

Volume lashes (2D 3D 4D) £70

Elevate your eyelash game with our  Volume Eyelash Extension set in Kingston. Expertly designed to bestow a fuller, denser look, this treatment applies two or up to four extensions in a unique Y-shape to each of your natural lashes, blending volume with a natural flair.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Crave Fuller Lashes: Achieve a denser lash line without overdoing it, ensuring your eyes stand out with a soft yet captivating allure.
  2. Seek a Balanced Look: This treatment offers the perfect middle ground between a natural appearance and dramatic volume.
  3. Value Premium Quality: Experience the unmatched luxury and performance of the globally acclaimed London LashPro products.

Distinctive Features of Our 2D Volume Eyelash Extension:

  1. Y-Shape Design: The unique “Y” formation of the extensions ensures added volume without heaviness, allowing your lashes to flutter effortlessly.
  2. High-Quality Materials: We take pride in exclusively using London LashPro’s Chelsea silk, celebrated for its lightweight feel, lasting wear, and glossy finish.
  3. Skilled Application: Our seasoned lash artists ensure meticulous placement of each extension, delivering a symmetrical, stunning result.

Nestled in Kingston, our salon is a haven for eyelash and eyebrow transformations. With the 2D Volume Eyelash Extension, witness the magic of amplified volume fused with natural grace. Lean into the luxury of London LashPro, trust our unparalleled expertise, and let your lashes do the talking. After all, in the realm of beauty, it’s all in the eyes.

Hybrid lashes £75

Explore the fusion of volume and Russian volume with our Hybrid Lashes set in Kingston. Meticulously crafted to deliver a soft volume appearance, this set combines volume lashes with the Russian lash technique, offering depth, dimension, and a touch of playful chaos.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Desire a Unique Look: Perfect for those who want to stand out, the hybrid approach delivers a look that’s neither too sparse nor too dense.
  2. Love Versatility: The mix of volume and classic techniques ensures your lashes are ready for any occasion, from casual days to glamorous nights.
  3. Ideal for individuals with damaged lashes featuring significant gaps. Light Russian volume lashes will adeptly fill these gaps, enhancing density without overburdening the damaged lashes. Furthermore, volume lashes will bestow a stunningly comprehensive look.
  4. Appreciate Top-Notch Quality: Experience the elegance and durability of globally recognized London LashPro products.

Special Attributes of Our Hybrid Lashes:

  1. Blended Perfection: By combining the sleekness of the Chelsea silk with the volume of the Mayfair lashes, we offer a unique look that’s both impactful and natural.
  2. Premium Materials: We proudly utilize London LashPro’s Chelsea silk, known for its lightweight and luxurious feel, and mix it with the voluminous allure of London Lash Mayfair.
  3. Masterful Application: Our expert lash artists craft each set with precision, ensuring a cohesive blend of volume and classic lashes for a mesmerizing finish.

Situated in Kingston, our salon is your destination for innovative eyelash transformations. With the Hybrid Lashes set, immerse yourself in a beauty experience that marries tradition with trend, volume with subtlety. Trust in the world-class quality of London LashPro, rely on our seasoned expertise, and flaunt lashes that are as unique as they are stunning. Dive into the world of hybrid beauty and let every blink be a statement.

Russian Volume £80

Elevate your lashes to new dimensions with our 4D Volume (Russian Volume) set in Kingston. Masterfully crafted using fine lash extensions, this treatment delicately applies 4-5 lashes in each fan, depending on your natural lash volume. Recognized as the Natural Russian volume set, it ensures your lashes radiate a soft yet impactful medium volume.

This service is a must for those aiming to:

  1. Achieve Soft Drama: Revel in the allure of medium volume lashes that offer a noticeable yet natural lift to your eyes.
  2. Enjoy Customization: The number of lashes in each fan is adjusted based on your natural lash volume, ensuring a look tailored just for you.
  3. Benefit from Premium Quality: Immerse in the trusted luxury of globally renowned London LashPro products.

Distinctive Qualities of Our 4D Volume (Russian Volume):

  1. Refined Technique: Using the Russian Volume technique, our experts craft a look that’s voluminous yet soft, striking the perfect balance.
  2. Top-Caliber Materials: We exclusively use London LashPro’s Mayfair lashes, lauded for their lightweight feel, durability, and sumptuous appearance.
  3. Artistic Precision: Our lash artists, adept in the Russian Volume technique, ensure each fan is perfectly created and applied for a seamless finish.

Positioned in the heart of Kingston, our salon beckons those in search of lash excellence. With the 4D Volume (Russian Volume) set, experience a transformation that’s as subtle as it is striking. Lean into the renowned quality of London LashPro and our intricate artistry. Let your eyes, framed by soft yet voluminous lashes, become the windows to your soul’s elegance. Choose depth, choose soft drama, choose our 4D Volume.

Mega Volume £90

Step into the realm of dramatic flair with our Mega Volume Eyelash Extension set in Kingston. Specifically designed for those who crave the fullest volume, this set employs fans made with fine lash extensions, incorporating 6 or more lashes in each fan. The result? A captivating gaze that speaks volumes.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Desire Maximum Volume: Achieve a dense, plush lash line that ensures your eyes are the undeniable focal point.
  2. Love a Bold Look: Ideal for special occasions or for those who simply love to make a statement with their eyes every day.
  3. Value Elite Quality: Rely on the unmatched elegance and lasting performance of the globally renowned London LashPro products.

Unique Features of Our Mega Volume Eyelash Extension:

  1. Intense Volume Technique: By incorporating 6 or more lashes in each fan, we achieve an intense volume that’s both lush and lightweight.
  2. Superior Materials: Our commitment to quality is evident in our exclusive use of London LashPro’s Mayfair lashes, celebrated for their finesse, durability, and luxurious sheen.
  3. Expert Craftsmanship: Our seasoned lash artists meticulously apply each fan, ensuring a harmonious, voluminous look that lasts.

Located in the vibrant heart of Kingston, our salon is a sanctuary for those who seek lash perfection. With the Mega Volume Eyelash Extension, immerse yourself in a transformation that’s as profound as it is beautiful. Trust in the world-class allure of London LashPro and our unparalleled expertise. Let your lashes be the canvas for a masterpiece of volume, and let every glance be a symphony of drama and allure. Choose intensity, choose luxury, choose our Mega Volume.

Express lashes £50

Exceptional value and quality for clients who are pressed for time or unable to recline for two hours. It offers 50% coverage across the entire eye, creating a pleasing volume that ranges from natural to a denser appearance. Duration 1h15min.

Infill £45

Maintain the allure and vibrancy of your lashes with our Lash Infill service in Kingston. Essential for those who love their lashes long-lasting and ever-beautiful, our infill service ensures your eyes remain the captivating centerpiece they were meant to be.

Ideal for clients who:

  1. Seek Consistent Allure: Ensure your lashes always look their best, without waiting for a complete redo.
  2. Value Regular Upkeep: Understand the importance of timely maintenance for the longevity and appearance of their lash extensions.
  3. Trust in Quality: Rely on top-tier, globally recognized products like London LashPro for their lash care.

Key Attributes of Our Lash Infill:

  1. Timely Touch-ups: Recommended every 2 to 3 weeks, our infill service ensures your lashes remain full and vibrant, compensating for the natural lash cycle.
  2. Expert Application: Our seasoned lash artists meticulously fill in areas where lashes have shed, ensuring a consistent and harmonious appearance.
  3. Superior Products: We exclusively use the renowned London LashPro products, guaranteeing a seamless blend with your existing extensions and ensuring durability.

Situated in Kingston, our salon is your go-to destination for impeccable lash care. With our Lash Infill service, you can continuously bask in the allure of perfect lashes, without waiting for a full set replacement. Trust in our expertise, revel in the luxury of London LashPro, and let your lashes remain the dazzling accessory they are. Choose continuity, choose perfection, choose our Lash Infill.

Coloured lashes £10

Dive into a world of colour and express your unique style with our Coloured Lashes service in Kingston. Designed for those who love to play with their look and make a statement, our coloured lashes add a dash of whimsy, charm, and individuality to your eyes.

Perfect for individuals who:

  1. Seek a Pop of Colour: Whether it’s a hint of blue, a streak of purple, or any hue that resonates with you, let your eyes reflect your vibrant personality.
  2. Love to Experiment: Ideal for those who aren’t afraid to try new things and stand out from the crowd.
  3. Wish for a Temporary Change: Perfect for special occasions, events, or just to mix things up for a few weeks.

Special Features of Our Coloured Lashes:

  1. Wide Colour Palette: Choose from a range of colours to match your mood, outfit, or event.
  2. Precision Application: Our skilled technicians ensure the coloured lashes blend seamlessly with your natural ones, achieving a harmonious look.
  3. Affordable Fashion: Priced at a mere £10, our coloured lashes allow you to experiment with your style without a hefty commitment.

Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our salon invites you to a beauty experience that’s both delightful and distinctive. With our Coloured Lashes service, let your eyes tell a story that’s uniquely yours. Dance with colours, flirt with different hues, and let your eyes be the canvas of your creativity. Choose vibrancy, choose fun, choose our Coloured Lashes.


Eyebrow tint £15

Discover the transformative power of our Eyebrow Tint service in Kingston. Tailored to accentuate and frame your eyes, this treatment applies a semi-permanent dye to your brows, harmonizing with your skin tone and elevating your overall look.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Seek Enhanced Definition: Add depth and dimension to sparse or light-coloured brows, ensuring they stand out.
  2. Desire a Low Maintenance Beauty Routine: Enjoy well-defined brows without daily filling or shaping, saving time and effort.
  3. Value Quality and Safety: Trust in the renowned brand RefectoCil for a tinting experience that’s both effective and gentle on the skin.

Key Features of Our Eyebrow Tint:

  1. Custom Colour Match: Our experts carefully select a hue from RefectoCil’s range that complements your skin tone and hair colour, ensuring natural-looking results.
  2. Skilled Application: Precision in application ensures an even tint, highlighting the shape and arch of your brows.
  3. Trusted Products: We proudly utilize the globally recognized brand RefectoCil, known for its quality, safety, and lasting results.

Nestled in Kingston, our salon is a haven for those in pursuit of brow perfection. With our Eyebrow Tint service, step into a world where your brows speak volumes, framing your eyes and enhancing your facial features. Lean into the trusted quality of RefectoCil and our expert touch. Let your brows be the defining statement of your beauty. Choose depth, choose elegance, choose our Eyebrow Tint.

3D Eyebrow tint & shape £40

Elevate your brow game with our 3D Eyebrow Tint & Shape – Henna brows service in Kingston. A meticulously crafted combination of semi-permanent tinting and precise shaping, this treatment bestows your brows with a three-dimensional depth, ensuring they frame your face with the prominence they deserve.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Crave Complete Brow Transformation: Seamlessly combine the richness of tint with the precision of shaping for brows that demand attention.
  2. Seek Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy the dual benefits of colour and form that last, reducing daily makeup application time.
  3. Prioritize Quality and Expertise: Trust in the globally acclaimed brand RefectoCil, coupled with our expert brow artists’ finesse.

Distinctive Aspects of Our 3D Eyebrow Tint & Shape:

  1. Tailored Tinting: Using RefectoCil’s premium range, we match a hue that flawlessly complements your skin and hair colour, ensuring brows that look naturally enhanced.
  2. Precision Shaping: Our experts sculpt your brows, accentuating their natural arch and aligning them with your facial features.
  3. Consistent Excellence: We utilize the esteemed RefectoCil brand, ensuring a tinting experience that’s vibrant, long-lasting, and gentle on the skin.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Kingston, our salon offers a journey into the art of brow perfection. With the 3D Eyebrow Tint & Shape service, witness a transformation that accentuates your eyes and adds character to your face. Rely on the celebrated quality of RefectoCil and our unparalleled skillset. Let your brows narrate tales of elegance, precision, and beauty. Choose depth, choose definition, choose our 3D Eyebrow Tint & Shape.

Eyebrow and eyelash tint £20

Step into a world where every glance holds power with our combined Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint service in Kingston. Designed to elevate the natural beauty of both your brows and lashes, this treatment infuses them with rich, complementary colours, ensuring they frame and accentuate your eyes harmoniously.

This treatment is perfect for those who:

  1. Aim for a Cohesive Look: Achieve a harmonized colour palette, with brows and lashes that complement each other and your natural tones.
  2. Desire Low Maintenance Beauty: Cut down on daily brow penciling and mascara application, enjoying a ready-to-go look every day.
  3. Trust in Renowned Quality: Seek the best in tinting with the globally recognized brand, RefectoCil.

Key Highlights of Our Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint:

  1. Custom Colour Selection: Our experts select from RefectoCil’s array to find the perfect shade that enhances and matches your unique features.
  2. Expert Application: Precision in both eyebrow and eyelash tinting ensures even, striking results that highlight the beauty of your eyes.
  3. Reliable Excellence: We proudly utilize the trusted brand RefectoCil, renowned for delivering vibrant, long-lasting, and skin-friendly results.

Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our salon is your portal to enhanced facial elegance. With the Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint service, experience a beauty transformation that magnifies the allure of your eyes. Lean into the world-class reputation of RefectoCil and our dedicated professionals. Embrace a world where your brows and lashes speak of sophistication, depth, and beauty. Choose harmony, choose vibrancy, choose our combined Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint.

Lash lift and keratin filler £45

Unveil the true potential of your eyelashes with our Lash Lift and Keratin Filler service in Kingston. This innovative treatment not only elevates the curl and definition of your lashes but also infuses them with nourishing keratin, resulting in a fuller, stronger, and shinier appearance.

Perfect for those who:

  1. Desire a Multi-dimensional Enhancement: This treatment doesn’t just lift; it thickens, strengthens, and adds a lustrous sheen to your lashes.
  2. Seek Long-Term Benefits: Beyond immediate aesthetic appeal, benefit from a proven average thickening of natural lashes by up to 24% over three treatments.
  3. Value Premium Quality: Rely on top-tier products, with our exclusive use of the globally renowned brand, InLei.

Distinctive Qualities of Our Lash Lift and Keratin Filler:

  1. Nourishing Formulation: The Keratin Filler deeply penetrates lash fibers, nourishing from within, promoting thickness and strength.
  2. Elevated Definition: The Lash Lift component gives your lashes a naturally elevated curve, reducing the need for daily curling.
  3. Trusted Brand Excellence: We proudly align with the InLei brand, a benchmark in lash treatment products, guaranteeing optimal results and care.

Located in Kingston, our salon offers an invitation to a transformative beauty experience. With the Lash Lift and Keratin Filler treatment, witness the magic of lashes that don’t just look better, but are genuinely healthier and stronger. Trust in the impeccable reputation of InLei and our seasoned professionals’ expertise. Dive into a world where every blink reveals the depth of beauty, care, and sophistication. Choose nourishment, choose elevation, choose our Lash Lift and Keratin Filler.

Brow Lamination from £40

Experience the transformative power of Brow Lamination in Kingston, a cutting-edge treatment that redefines, styles, and elevates the natural beauty of your eyebrows. Designed to tame and shape even the most unruly brows, our service gives you a polished, elegant look that lasts.

Ideal for those who:

  1. Desire a Structured Brow Look: Achieve perfectly styled brows that stay in place, regardless of humidity or activity.
  2. Seek Comprehensive Brow Care: Beyond lamination, benefit from expert brow shaping and tinting, ensuring a complete brow makeover.
  3. Value Top-Notch Quality: Trust in the superior standards of the globally acclaimed brand, InLei.

Key Features of Our Brow Lamination:

  1. Laminating Excellence: Your brows are brushed into the desired shape and treated with a laminating solution, ensuring they remain obedient and in place.
  2. Tailored Tinting & Shaping: Complementing the lamination, your brows are shaped and tinted to perfection, enhancing your face’s overall aesthetics.
  3. Quality Assurance: We exclusively use InLei products, renowned for their effectiveness, safety, and luxurious feel.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Kingston, our salon stands as a beacon of modern brow care. With our Brow Lamination service, step into a realm where every brow strand is meticulously cared for, styled, and showcased. Rely on the excellence of InLei and our dedicated brow artists to transform your brows into a masterpiece of structure, colour, and allure. Choose precision, choose refinement, choose our Brow Lamination.

Enhance Your Eyes with Expert Ltd

Located in the heart of Kingston, Expert Ltd offers unparalleled beauty treatments focusing on the eyelashes
and eyebrows. Dive into a world where every lash and brow is treated with precision, enhancing the natural
beauty of your eyes.

From Lash Extensions to Lash Lifts

Accentuate your natural lash with our range of treatments, including the popular Russian lashes and classic
eyelash extensions. For those seeking a more natural uplift, our eyelash lift is designed to give volume
without the need for extensions.

Discover the Brow Magic

Perfectly shaped brows can redefine your look. From HD brows to henna brow tinting and brow lamination, our
experts use the latest techniques to achieve the brow shape and colour that complements your face. Say
goodbye to everyday tweezing and embrace the excellence of our brow treatments.

Experience Beyond Brows and Lashes

Our services at Expert Ltd extend beyond just lashes and brows. Indulge in a relaxing massage, get a manicure
to complement your look, or even opt for semi-permanent makeup. With the expertise of our therapist Yvonne,
every treatment ensures an experience that caters to our clients’ individual needs.

Booking with Ease

Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures easy appointments and personalized care. We value your
personal information and ensure confidentiality for all our visitors. Schedule an appointment today and
witness the transformation of your lashes and brows.